BLK Dragon


“BLK Dragon” is strictly a Pop/Dance music project, in which Michael Shulman utilizes electric or acoustic violin while dancing at the same time.

The format of “BLK Dragon” is perfect for all social and media events, parties and clubbing.

Michael Shulman has started playing and performing Pop music on the violin (while dancing at the same time) in the early nineties while living in Montreal, before Vanessa Mae, David Garrett or Lindsey Stirling have launched onto the scene and made contemporary violin popular.

Completely isolated from the music industry throughout his life, he re-emerged in NYC in 1999, where he became known as an outstanding and original performer of Dance hits by such artists as Depeche Mode, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue and Michael Jackson among many others.
He has also released his own Pop and Dance compositions, completely self-produced.

Michael’s unique and original playing style, alongside his unorthodox dancing has captured the attention of the vast audiences ever since.
Completely self-taught, he has been conceptually developing his dancing style since 2006, and with every consecutive year improving drastically.

In 2017, after a 5-year break from playing Pop music, while living in Germany, Michael was inspired to once again play and dance with infectious rhythms, choosing some of the most currently popular songs on the planet as his muse.
Michael has taken a new stage name “BLK Dragon” (short of Black Dragon, which is Michael’s totem sign, the shape of his legendary electric violin, and the reference to his Kung-Fu roots) that represents strength, wisdom and flexibility.

Please contact Michael if you’d like to hire him for your event.

“BLK Dragon” current play-list of songs is available upon request.