Black Violin

Michael Shulman is an incredible violin performing artist with over 25 years of experience, and a creator of a “Shred Violin” style.

He has a distinctly unique sound that is impossible to mistake with anyone else. Musically it is strongly reminiscent with the Hard Rock and Metal guitar style of the 80’s.
Being proficient in Rock, Metal, Pop, Classical, New Age and World music, for many years he has performed in Montreal, New York, Tel-Aviv and now Moscow, and has collaborated with well-known and respected artists like “Trans-Siberian Orchestra,” Martin Walkyer and Estas Tonne, among others.

As a one-man show his performances are very theatrical, and include elements of freestyle dance, martial arts and singing, while playing the violin.

“The sound of my violin involves the listener on a profoundly deep level, taking you on a journey between the mind and the heart, breaking the boundaries of consciousness.”

Michael ‘s greatest desire is to entertain while inspire people to express themselves through their own creative mediums.