Acoustic Violin

Acoustic Violin

This wonderful wooden instrument allows me to express my inmost deepest feelings and thoughts.

Starting with a classical music, which has the beautifully refined lines and grandiose plains, and finding my own voice on the instrument as a youth.

First notes came from the heart, one by one, building into a movement. Then – melodies awakened and poured out in abundance.

With every year I was mastering the art of playing the violin, daring myself to reach higher every time the bow touched a string.

Slowly I’ve mastered the ability to play coherent musical improvisations. Composing in real time continuously, while playing and guiding the music with my soul as a steering wheel and sheer will as my sail.

Thus the years have passed.

I’ve realized that acoustic violin fits the songs better when it is rhythmical and light. Bright sound and dazzling tempos give sparkle to any composition.

Since the early nineties I was fully experimenting with Pop and Rock music. On the other hand I fully embraced the meditative power of my “stream of consciousness” acappella improvisations. Sometimes they lasted for hours.

Being inspired is a key to learning more. Staying focused and grounded gives space for practice.

Having no fear, embracing life with all its bitter-sweet gifts – that’s for me is a celebration of the Universe with the clean purity of the music.