Shred Violin

“Shred Violin” is a Metal/Rock/Pop music project, in which Michael Shulman utilizes electric violin.

Electric violin intensity.

Michael started playing the violin at the age of seven.

Michael began composing Pop, Rock and Metal songs on the violin in 1991, while living in Montreal. He also performed a large variety of covers in public since then.

Early-on, Michael started to utilize active movements (dancing while playing) on stage.

In 1999 Michael has re-emerged in New York City, where he became well known as an outstanding performer of Metal, Rock and Pop music, with his original renditions of songs by such artists as Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson, Guns N’ Roses and Buckethead among others. Because his artistry had strongly resonated with the public, – Michael was covered by some of the major media outlets in America, such as NBC TV, Fox TV, MTV and “Strings” magazine. He also has had a long-term professional relationship with the city, being assigned as an official performer at many tourist locations, including Times Square and Pier 17.

Michael has also composed and recorded many original Metal, Rock and Pop compositions during his stay in New York which culminated in 2012 release of his first official solo album “Home”. It contained 10 unique compositions, showcasing variety of musical styles and is a summary of many years of creative experiments to find the perfect combination of drive and feel.

Over the years, Michael’s playing style and stage charisma has captured the attention of vast audience around the globe.
Completely self-taught, he has been conceptually developing his style since 1991, always following his intuition, but learning from other musicians he encountered along the way.

Michael’s violin arrangements of covers and his original compositions are always creatively arranged in a highly expressive and emotional musical landscape, bringing joy to people both young and elderly.