Since very early I’ve discovered an ability to make music. My Mom told me that I started singing before I started to talk. I have to admit that the logic of notes makes more sense to me than words.

My passion for composing began in my teenage years. I started writing music on the piano first, but the melodies always came to me first, as I’ve heard them in my head.

It’s like I have an endless well of music from which I can drink at any time I please.

I’ve written multiple compositions from variety of genres, including Classical, Gypsy, Pop, Rock and Metal.

Melody and rhythm are the most important for me. I’ve learned more about the nature and purpose of each instrument, as I was able to utilize them successfully with each experience.

Listening to music was an essential aspect, and I’ve studied by engaging with a thousands of albums.

I have to admit that my writing style is certainly inspired by great Classical composers and the music from Soviet and French films, which I have discovered in my early days.

But what I am trying to express with my compositions are my own thoughts and feelings.

Great music made by others and the beauty of our world always give me more inspiration to write.