My life

Hi there!

If you are reading this, then you’ve already seen me play, and there’s no need for an introduction.

So what would I like to share about myself?

I am lucky to be here and enjoy life as a vital part of the Universe.

Gifted with a sensitivity to hear music in everything around and within me, I have the ability to translate it into notes.

I love creating melodies.

My personal journey has not been easy. While facing many hardships along the way, my guiding light has been the belief in the purpose of human existence through art, education, self-discovery and improvement.

I was blessed with encountering many talented and compassionate beings. They’ve inspired and helped me through many ups and downs.

My dream is of a peaceful life infused with love and harmony, and a family to share it with.

And so, the most precious experiences I’ve had are the interaction with you, my fellow friends. Being able to experience many wonderful moments together when we connected through sound.

My gratitude is to those who opened their hearts and are sending the energy onward!

Together we are all serving a beautiful purpose.  It is in the now and hopefully here to stay!

Your kindness and support are the reasons why I am still alive and keep on going.

Thank you!