How important is the body language when performing?

For me it is very much so.

I do believe that a body movement that reflects your music can surely enhance what you are expressing.

But where is the line where the movement becomes a show? Is it just a conscious effort to get a certain response from the audience?

For an actor it is a profession, as they are acting out an idea that was premeditated.

Should a musician be an actor?

I find it not to my liking.

Do I present my music as an act or is it a genuine sharing of my being at that very moment?

Music is a genuine expression of the soul, mind and body.

That means, that my body shows exactly how I feel at that moment as I play. I become a reflection of my inner self as well as the mirror of the world around me.

You can easily see through my facial expression and body movement if I feel, happy or upset, when I am comfortable or stressed.

The experience is never the same, and music also changes from performance to performance.

So the result is always special and unique for every concert.