“BLЭК” (pronounced – “black”) – a genuine acoustic violinist.

When Michael first started playing in public at the age of seventeen, he only had a violin and a bow in his hands. It took him many years to master the art of electric sound. Until that have materialized, for number of years Michael only used the authentic way of playing the instrument. Violin “A Capella” without backing tracks or amplification, just using natural acoustics of the places of performance.

After achieving great accomplishments with the electric violin, Michael dedicated more than ten years solely on modern instrument. In 2019, after just a few years of getting back to his roots and using acoustic violin again since a long time, Michael created a new idea and an image to go with it.

When Michael was a kid, one of his favorite children’s stories was the “Town Musicians Of Bremen” by brothers Grimm. He was obsessed with its characters and their adventures. By a turn of fate, Michael moved to Bremen in 2016, and as if bringing a fairy tale into reality, he literally became one of the Bremen’s musicians.

Instinctively, Michael found just the right esthetic image to go with the beautiful historic setting of Bremen Marktplatz, where the performances are now taking place the majority of the time. There is a deep natural echo in that space, that resonates with it’s ancient walls. The light and the shadow, the mystical figure of the violinist playing in semi-darkness, with Gothic imagery adorning the space, creates a perfect spiritual connection, that sets the imagination free, and welcomes the listener to become a traveler in time.