Through the years my musical endeavors had the support of my parents and close friends. One of those friends – Eric Keebler – a violin maker from USA, has custom-built some truly amazing electric violins to fit my style. His original pick-up system offers extremely sensitive and realistic “acoustic” clean sound, that has a rich and colorful  tone when used with the distortion. E.F. Keebler instruments have a very attractive and sturdy design that is able to withstand a rough usage in any weather conditions.

Warhorse-large black_dragon-394x7079-small


Since it’s initial release in 2005 I’ve been using Zoom G-2 multi-effect processor both live and in the studio. I like it’s lightweight and smart design. This pedal is inexpensive, sounds great and is easy to operate.

Zoom G2


For the last 10 years I’ve been using Dunlop DB01 “Dimebag Darrell” Cry Baby Wah. It’s the most versatile Wah pedal that I’ve ever used and offers many ways to customize the tone to suit my needs. Unbreakable and very attractive pedal by one of my guitar heroes.

Dunlop DB01 "Dime" Cry Baby









This new and improved model of DigiTech Whammy DT offers not only the Whammy effect, but also detuner. It’s essential when I want to recreate the sound of a cello or a rhythm guitar live when using a four-string violin. I really do enjoy using this Whammy pedal because it opens up exciting possibilities to experiment further with the sound.

 DigiTech Whammy DT


For adjusting live sound I use Edirol M10 DX digital mixer. It has a lot of cool features, among them the mastering effect that sonically fills the gap between the sound of my violin and backing tracks. This mixer is compact and fully programmable, which I find to be very handy.

Edirol M10 DX










Recently I’ve come to love the feel and sound of D’Addario Zyex strings. In my opinion they fit electric violin the best.