Next Stop – Japan

After many years of playing and developing my style I have just recently found out that this kind of music is immensely popular in Japan. I feel very inspired to visit Japan very soon to perform there.

How you can help

If you are in Japan and are speaking English – I am looking for any assistance to establish contacts in the music industry, media, and also would appreciate making new friends who could assist me with transportation, translation and as guides in the city.
In addition, I am looking for musicians to play with, session work and opportunities to perform my music in concert or at any other occasion while I’ll be in Japan.
You can be of great help if you will spread the word about me and my music in the Japanese social media outlets and post links to my website, videos and songs. Thank you!

Performing Around The World

I am looking to start performing my concerts around the world as soon as it can be arranged. I’ve received a great number of fan letters over the years from around the globe requesting me to perform in their respective countries. I will gladly do so given the opportunity.

How you can help

If you know of any promotion or management companies who would be interested to arrange my concert in your country please forward me their information so I could contact them directly.
Even just by sharing my website address, music and videos online – you will help me to become more recognized in the mainstream, which would create many more opportunities for concerts. Thank you!

Looking For Musicians

I am currently looking for musicians (Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitar, Vocals) to form a band to play original Symphonic Neo-classical Shred Metal/Rock. I am also open to join a working band if everything falls into place.

How you can help

All interested parties should contact me via e-mail. Please send me your brief bio, music and/or video clips with the picture attached. Thank you!