In my own words:


the story

In 2011 I’ve lived through a near-death experience. It forced me to re-evaluate my life and opened up a whirlwind of emotions. That inspired me to put my feelings and thoughts into a musical concept that I called – “Home”.

I wanted to make an album of music that I wanted to live behind, in case my health problems will return again and become terminal.The album had to have all the elements of different styles and sounds that  I’ve developed my whole life. That meant that it had to have variety and be purely about the music and melody first. The virtuosity and technicality had to take a second place.

I’ve felt that I needed to use my voice to add to the expression in music. Though I haven’t sang since almost 20 years, I took a risk and put vocals in the instrumental songs, where I felt it was needed.

All of the songs were written and demoed in a matter of a few months on a synthesizer.

The album would not have been recorded if I didn’t have the opportunity offered me by my friend and a man who created my electric violins – Eric Keebler. He graciously offered me his home studio for a couple of weeks where, as I stayed in his house, all of the tracks were recorded and processed from scratch. He also added his multiple talents in co-producing the record with me, and playing flute in “Strong Against The Tide”, accordion in “Tree Of Life” and real live organ in “Move My Spirit!” and “On My Knees”.

After the recording was finished and I left, during a couple of months I traveled back a few times to do the mixing.

After the mixing was finished, I’ve learned how to do mastering and mastered “Home” myself.

At last I’ve found a fan, an artist who digitally painted over a photo that was made during the shooting of “My Own Private Universe” video and did all the graphics for the cover art.

the concept

The concept of “Home” is based on one person’s life. A cycle from birth until death.

01. “Tiger & Crane”(United)”. The song represents a beginning, the start of energy where the elements dance in fusion, from which life is created.

The choir was recorded in Hung-Gar Kung Fu school in Manhattan midtown.

02. “Home”. The joy of life and living with your family in a place, where you are growing up.

03. “Last Tango On Earth”. Signs of apocalypse on the horizon, as an allegory.

When the normality of life is shattered by intense situations in your life – puberty, emigration, parents divorce etc. Still dancing.

04. “Strong Against The Tide”. First blows of life when living on your own. Being brave.

05. “The Heart Knows Best”. Intense passion for your purpose in life.

06. “My Own Private Universe”. Love and Erotica. Being where you are feeling safe.

07. “Move My Spirit!”. Wanting and finding more than the pleasures of the body. What makes your spirit dance?

08. “Tree Of Life”. Finding peace and harmony in life and rejoicing with your own family.

09. “To The Stars”. Giving thanks to everyone and everything, realizing how lucky you were – appreciating the experience of existence.

The song is dedicated to my father.

10. “On My Knees”. The time has come to say our goodbyes.

‘Till then…