A Metal/Pop/Rock – Cinematic/Symphonic/Epic concept album and multi-media show.

The story is a cycle of one person’s life from birth until death.

01. “Tiger & Crane”(United)”

The beginning. Energy – where all the elements dance in fusion that create life.

02. “Home”

The joy of being a child, living together with your family and discovering love.

03. “Last Tango On Earth”

When the normality is shattered by changes such as puberty, emigration and parent’s divorce.

04. “Strong Against The Tide”

Living alone. Struggling, but being brave.

05. “The Heart Knows Best”

Finding your voice and purpose.

06. “My Own Private Universe”

Love, erotica, and feeling safe.

07. “Move My Spirit!”

Moving your body, but wanting to make the spirit dance.

08. “Tree Of Life”

At last – some peace and harmony.

09. “To The Stars”

Gratitude to everyone for everything. Appreciating the experience.

10. “On My Knees”

The time has come to say goodbye.